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Reformed University Fellowship at Delaware State University is a new ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America for the purpose of preaching the Gospel of Christ to the young men and women of Delaware State University with the goal of the salvation of their souls .

Brother Daryl Wattley Jr. has been leading this ministry. He is a native of Atlanta, a graduate of Georgia Southern University where he was involved with Campus Outreach and Reformed University Fellowship and a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary. He works closely with Grace Presbyterian Church and the Heritage Presbytery of the PCA to continue this ministry.

For more information about this ministry, please contact Daryl at

DARYL WATLEY,RUF at Delaware State University


Brother Eric Polk & Sister JC (Christine) Polk have been missionaries to Liberia for over 20 years. Brother Eric has served as a teacher, preacher of the gospel, evangelist, and counselor and as interim president of Monrovia Bible College. JC, a citizen of Liberia has served as secretary to the mission supervisor, registrar and hostess. She is also a prayer warrior who gives inexhaustible encouragement and counsel to struggling young ladies. The Polks have 2 sons, Reuben,31 and Kevin,17.

In addition to providing medical help, their team teaches Bible study to a youth football league (soccer team) and  preach at churches pastored by former students. Due to the 2014 devastating Ebola outbreak that killed over 10,000 people in Liberia and neighboring countries, we were unable to return to Liberia 2014-2015. Praise be to God epidemic has ended. Their prayer is to return to Liberia in 2016. If you would like to join them on a trip, or provide support, please contact them at ​